Between the months of October - December 2017,  Ruth worked with entrepreneur Jamie White building up his social media presence, creating content such as videos and photographs, and executing copy to be pushed on his social media channels. 

"A big want for me is to be a great speaker. I'm not there yet, I've made a mess of it so many times, but ultimately success in this area is so firmly in my vision. Walt Disney has this great quote "If you can dream it, you can do it". It's obviously easier said than done but over and over if you follow anyone thats achieved anything, @thenotoriousmma , @oprah , Jim Carrey, they all talk about this "secret". Keeping your mind in check, having a vision planning out for where you want to be and despite any and all challenges that inevitably will come, staying focused and moving towards your dreams!!! Your dreams, your thoughts, your visions of yourself are all so important. Too many people don't give this enough attention, if I could share any advice on this it would be to take some time for yourself on a regular basis and think about what you want out of life going forward. Photo by Ciarán Maguire"

Going the extra mile for a client today. If only the office was as comfortable as this couch!

I caught up with @mattsquiglesfrom @yogahub / @happyfoodbyyogahubearlier today to chat about positivity and mindfulness in the workplace. Matt radiates such an incredible, infectious energy, it's hard not to love him! Happy Friday!☀️

Listening to some awful cheesy 90’s music on the way home from work… what do you listen too to wind down?

For me, going to the gym before work is just something I have to do and I’m not myself if I don’t. They say you sleep better as a result, can set and achieve more goals, have a better memory and that it reduces all kinds of diseases but whatever about that, it just makes me feel so much better because of it.

I was at the #tcob2017 event last week in Dublin Castle where I met so many fantastic people from different companies in Ireland, companies and people that have so much knowledge in building businesses. If I can offer any advise to anyone starting a business, it is that networking is essential! Attend as many events as you can to get your name out there and share your ideas. There're so many organisations that want to help new businesses get off the ground. Get out and meet people, the opportunities are endless!

Today, I was invited to visit CUS to talk to their fourth year students about Entrepreneurship. What an opportunity and honour. In school, my headmaster said "I wouldn't amount to much" and my business teacher said that I was "the worst student he had", look at me now, lol. Guest lecturing!!! #FuckDemHaters

Even though it might be rough, starting the week off with a solid workout early in the morning at 6.30am when most people are still in bed makes you feel top of the world! For me, its almost like a reset and with that, a kickstart in to the week ahead. It might seem intimidating getting up early and going to the gym, but try it, you'll soon see its worth it!

With silly season coming up, I'm not gonna lie, I'm this excited!!

Left the office early today for a quick meeting on Grafton Street in the new @bewleysireland cafe and had to take a moment to appreciate the Christmas lights, they're incredible!

I got a lot of feedback over the weekend, asking for some business development tips, so I thought i’d share 3 really simple ones that work for me everyday. I hope this brings some value, and if you know someone that needs to watch this - tag them below!

I was speaking with some students at @universitycollegedublin last week who were stressing about getting a job after graduating. With all that social media and most especially @linkedin has to offer, no good student should be stressing! Here's my advice for anyone studying who wants to make sure they have jobs coming to them before they graduate. Tag a friend who needs to see this!

For anyone interviewing out there!!! When it comes to it, its so easy to overlook the simplest of things. With that in mind, I wanted to give you a couple of hacks that’ll help you on your way…

Having @alisoncanavanwellness a part of #freshresolutions is something I’m so happy about. Here’s a sample of what you can expect from her, the full interview will be up on my YouTube account soon so keep an eye out for it.

I’m really happy having @roblipsett as part of #freshresolutions2018! What an amazing guy! He's literally turned his life around over the past few years and in the process inspired so many people. Here's a small clip from a chat I had with Rob a few weeks ago. Catch him at Fresh Resolutions in January to hear more!