Twenty-four and fresh from South Dublin, the photographer, content-creator, creative director, musician and videographer Ruth Guest has shaped a fresh and distinctive outlook in her work. Specialising in photography, and formed from influence and experience, Ruth’s photography culminates in raw snap shots of fleeting moments that embody elements of street culture and international escapism.

Currently based in Dublin, Ruth began photographing at the age of thirteen, strengthening her technical knowledge by sixteen and earning from her photography through various posts by seventeen.

Seeking substance and stories within her subjects, Ruth aims to draw out from each image an internal voice, solidifying a feeling within the transience of time.

Preferring cameras that hold a simplicity of function, Ruth notes “It’s not the camera you have, it’s the way you take the photo.”

Ruth’s photos thus act as documentaries, from following a model over 48 hours in Paris to capturing characters in surroundings that best summarise their personality.

Through her acute eye, Ruth’s photography allows the viewer a lucid glimpse at the sweet ignorance of youth, the hazy fantasies of foreign lands and the relationship of the sitter with the city scape.

After the success of her website Humans of Dublin, and CRAIC magazine, Ruth is expanding her online presence.



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Compiled by Isabella Rose Celeste