The idea for LATE2N's A/W'17 campaign "ABANDONED" came to life from writing a piece of music one evening.

(See below.)

The minute long advert tells the story of a young man meeting his friends before a night out, and eventually meeting a girl in a bar.  

The final project includes a photo series shot on 35mm (soon to come), the piece of music above and 4 trailers all shot on iPhone 7+.

Influences for the video come from artists such as photographer Nan Goldin and director Yoni Lappin. 


Directed  & produced by Ruth Guest.
Assisted by Amy Doyle.
Styled by Shane Fitzpatrick (LATE2N)
Music by Ruth Guest.

James Lissack
Fortune Lago
Jamie Murphy
Jordan Onubogu
Ella Gaynor
Megan Russell

Special thanks to WowBurger at Ranelagh.